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Baby Bird Needs to get out of the Nest

Since day one, my little one always wanted me very close.  I have basically always been at her beck and call.  Of course it's something I was forewarned about,  "Put your baby down," "Let her cry," "She'll learn."  She came with me everywhere I went when she was very small.  Our first home was an apartment on the third floor and I used to carry the baby and the large stroller and let the dog run ahead of us when it was walk time.  Down the stairs we would go and then back up again - thank God I had the energy when I was 26-years-old.  When she was big enough, I left the stroller behind and put baby hang around in the Snugly.  She was content with her little soother in her mouth and the dog happily in tow.  We've always been quite the team.  I have to say, my dog Finnegan, who is ten and a half years old now has had to learn a lot of patience over the years and he has learned to always stand back and let Emily be taken care of first.  He l…

Juggling Margarita's and Children and Men

January is well underway and it's a given in the restaurant business that it's the most dismal time of the year. Tourism is down and most people are sticking closer to home- Simple as that. You basically have to prepare yourself for the dead days of winter -long ahead of time because anyone in the biz who lives on tips and such should know you aint gonna be makin much in January and February!-and you may as well not complain about it because it's just life.
   So far, after surviving the first week of the quiet time- I would say I've dived right into the slower pace.  It's a much needed break for me. It's a time to look around and clean and see what needs to be done.  I leave Saturday shifts to the younger staff-because even though you make more money working on weekends, to me, I would rather be spending that precious time with my daughter and avoiding any sort of public place-or dining establishment. 
   Don't get me wrong.  I actually do like intera…