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There are a lot of people who are interested in knowing more about the uses of essential oils. But, I find one of the biggest reasons people don't try them is because there is so much information out there but people don't know where to start. Not to mention switching from chemical packed products to essential oil based products can seem overwhelming and people don't know where to start.

Do you know that perfumes and body sprays are one of the main causes of why people get feelings of nausea or sick, suffer with migraine headaches and feel they need to take numerous doses of over the counter pills to make the pain go away? Which in turn causes more problems over time. I have not taken an Advil in almost 2 years, not that I ever was one to reach for pills to mask a pain but I know about it-trust me.  I do reach for my oils when ever I don't feel quite right and I have to say- usually they help me over come the discomfort I am working on at that time.


Hello friends, I'm so glad I put my Blog on Facebook for all to read. It makes me feel so secure and loved ;)  But, I figured after taking about a month to think about my blogs and my business, I had another friend go to the store and buy essential oils of a brand that I have no idea about. And that's fine but it wasn't my intention to sit w her and tell her how wonderful my oils are and have her agree only to hear that she decided to just go pick up some oils and start diffusing god knows what. This situation makes me realize again  how important it is  to get my point of quality across.  I want to share my knowledge with all my friends about why I love my Essential Oil's company. I know lots of people who love essentials. But, not everyone knows the basics or has spent as much time as I have comparing and reading about different brands and companies and the importance of good quality and why they are so good to use-when they are pure high quality oils.   I am an advo…

Self Love. How much do I Love and Trust myself?

I paid a little visit to my older Blog posts recently and checked in with myself from seven+ years ago. It was interesting seeing my promises to myself for the same things over and over. Thank God I have recently decided it's time to show up for myself!  I made a promise to myself  back then that I need to be writing and stop distracting myself by working the restaurants forever-always planning to stop the chaotic running and sit down and get to working on something that serves me on a higher level.
I've always rationalized my lack of doing anything more inspiring as that I'm too busy, I can't concentrate on it daily unless I have zero interruptions and I can't sit down because I'm going to have to be somewhere in an hour.  I've gotta quickly tidy up the house. 
Driving and leaving my house is usually the biggest culprit to my intense anxiety that I have to get organized in my work. Its a tug of war.  And it's also why I'm usually right on time or…

Loving the Simplicity of the Seasons

My Blog is a series of stories ...
Reflections of lessons I have learned, things I do that make "me" happy, What I get out of my relationships with people in my life these days and a little bit of advice, I hope, for my readers.
My oily rituals and health hints.  Life Stories and Events, Inspirations, What I'm learning about people, friends and life and Cold hard truths I've experienced and witnessed.

I'm sure I will share a lot because I am sensitive and wise to what's going on around me.  I can see and I believe that we need to make a difference in our "OWN" lives-if we aren't happy with something that's going on, only the person can change that- Nobody else is responsible for it. 
If the people around us don't make a decision to change what it is that is holding them back, then I'm sorry they are not ready. You have to soul search, you have to dream, you have to explore and try and put yourself out there... Try new things and def…

It's time to "Own" Your Own Stuff (Shit)

Confessions of an Only Parent
By: Maria Karampelas

Unhappy Marriage Syndrome vs What does it "feel" like to be a "single parent?"
Most incorrect analogy I've ever heard!

Has anyone ever actually complained to you that they "feel like a single mother"? But in fact, they are supposedly happily married? I don't hear this very often but I have to say, I've heard it about 10 times in my life as a single/(or my preferred title if there must be a status attached), as an "only parent".  I feel it's time for me to say my peace.

I actually find the relation of the analogy rather upsetting and insulting because isn't the purpose of being with-out the other person or singling yourself out so that you don't have stress from the toxicity of something that didn't work? I know as an only parent that I get to make all the decisions and I welcome them and I am free.  If I ever find someone who I share an equality with and excitement ab…

Finnegan's Walk

It’s been a full life for me as a dog. I’ve had the joy of freedom, love from my mistress and many furry friends that have grown up with me. When I came to live with Miss Maria, I was just a wee pup. She always told me I came from doggie heaven where the dogs roam free in Lakeport, Ontario. I remember my momma, she was also a hound cross- beautiful tan and red- I’ll never forget how sweet she smelled. There were seven of us pups. We were born in the summer and lived under the porch in the back yard. My momma’s people couldn’t keep us all so they advertised us in the paper. So when Miss Maria and the man came to the yard that day, I hoped they were going to pick me but they left. I was too young to understand but Miss Maria promised to be back. She seemed so happy to see me and I didn’t even know her but I knew she would be someone I could trust, even though I didn’t really want to leave momma.

Before I knew it, she came back all by herself one day and picked me up and placed me in th…

Good Bye To Confessions

It's just time to close this blog-  I have just deleted more than half of my posts.  Thanks to my friends who have read them up till now.  I just deleted a year's worth of writing because it is not necessary to keep the thoughts, feelings and struggles I have publicized available for anyone to read forever- for now- I can re-write parts of it later if I want.  I guess it could be considered a bit drastic- but I just felt it was the next best thing to do-  I was able to get a lot of emotions and thoughts out about my parenting choices, and life choices by writing in My Confessions of an Only Parent.  But, it's really too private and I don't want to do it any more.  I think it is time to find some new topics.

In the past few years, I have learned many things about myself.  I am now in complete surrender to the present- I love myself and others- I am rid of my negative emotions- I try not to let others bring me down.  I am grateful; for all i have accomplished on my own a…