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Do not let go of your dreams -Make them your plans

The dreams that keep coming back to you are powerful.

I have openly found myself in a constant tug of war with my work life vs my life in the last year. A feeling I hate and cannot ignore and have to say is something that I have had to deal with a few times or really most of my life in many different forms.  It's time to change it up again and start getting serious about what is meaningful to me and acting on it. As much as I would like to think it's not important what you do for a living as long as you enjoy your life outside of work and are bringing home the bacon. The other, stronger, more stubborn part of me says you have to do what you love and make it WORK for you and if not then your life is a fragment.

Being well in to the New Year now, an always ceremonious time for a Capricorn like me, and having already celebrated my New Year Birthday, one might not imagine the lists I've written so far.  I have spent the past 20 days really trying to work out a reoccurring cycl…

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