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It is not an easy task to stay present. Sometimes our little minds just spin out of control. There is so much pressure we all face. We all have pressure.
I am currently spinning because I have been working on a project for a while and I wonder if I'm ever going to finish it or be able to feel proud of it? Why haven't I called or been in touch? Because every spare minute that I have I'm working on a long grueling task and I can only be alone in this process. So I'm sorry I have been anti-social.
Do we not always beat ourselves up?
Yes, I think we do. There is always a dragon we are chasing. A better way -but at the same time
we all know, "It's Always Darkest Before the Dawn" (Florence) Why is it when life is excelling in one area of our lives we suddenly lose the grasp in other areas of our lives? Accepting the present moment and remaining grounded and having gratitude in what is right before us at this present moment helps. How can I make the best out of…

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