Loving the Simplicity of the Seasons

My Blog is a series of stories ...
Reflections of lessons I have learned, things I do that make "me" happy, What I get out of my relationships with people in my life these days and a little bit of advice, I hope, for my readers.
My oily rituals and health hints.  Life Stories and Events, Inspirations, What I'm learning about people, friends and life and Cold hard truths I've experienced and witnessed.

I'm sure I will share a lot because I am sensitive and wise to what's going on around me.  I can see and I believe that we need to make a difference in our "OWN" lives-if we aren't happy with something that's going on, only the person can change that- Nobody else is responsible for it. 
If the people around us don't make a decision to change what it is that is holding them back, then I'm sorry they are not ready. You have to soul search, you have to dream, you have to explore and try and put yourself out there... Try new things and definitely go outside of your comfort zone! Think well, think big, think healthy.
You have got to rise to your calling whether it be as grand as BIG Ben or as small as the tiniest fairy with Zero Fucks given about what anyone says or does to tarnish your dream or plan. Visualize good things for yourselves always, friends.

The MariaPortHope series of Capricorn Woman-Warrior Princess is Where I'm at... I am Maria. I am so fortunate to have a daughter. She is my gift from the universe. She has lived the mirror of my life and I only hope that she carries on in her adult life when she is ready, and thinks of me as a good mother/teacher and knows how much I love her and support her everything.
We live in a small town outside of Port Hope and we are in such a good place. This is my daughter's birthplace, not mine. We have traveled quite a bit, the two of us are roadtrip queens and I the plan to travel to new exciting places is in the horizon but to stick around here for the sake of my daughter because she loves it here. It's the closest place to home for me and to her. 
Originally from Vancouver, BC, I have lived all over Canada and would love to go back someday- probably not to live though- maybe in the Okanagan, I would live.... Now, I sit where I live in my big old country house and say to myself, wow! I can't even imagine living back in the city, nor could I have ever imagined being in a place like where I am right now....but life is full of gifts and surprises, really. I can actually see myself really embracing my country girl side --- I have beauty visions of Spring!!! Gardening!!! Ive already lived here four seasons but last year was the process of settling in and acceptance of my space.
 You never actually know how things are going to play out. I'm perfectly content with my home life and my status at this time. A few tweeks will be made during this stage though to open up something new and exciting in the next few months and that is the only way I can think to go about it, and that is just to work away at it. I'm forever evolving. I am getting my work done from here now and I'm literally looking forward to this next story.

I'm Always honored to have friends join my team of love of Essential Oils, Aromtherapy and Natural Health. I am invested in my company and happy to answer any questions.
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Peace and gratitude


  1. Dear W.P,tiniest fairies zero fucks given, truly had me laugh out loud! though,lol originally was "lots of love".yl nicely promoted at the end,not pushy,very pukka.A cry in the morning and a laugh(fairies) in the evening.Thank you....lol ;)

  2. Somehow lost a whole paragraph there.....I have known you for 17 years,so I can relate to alot of your past.A terrific mother,co-worker and oily friend!Aquarian Man.....

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