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Hello friends, I'm so glad I put my Blog on Facebook for all to read. It makes me feel so secure and loved ;)  But, I figured after taking about a month to think about my blogs and my business, I had another friend go to the store and buy essential oils of a brand that I have no idea about. And that's fine but it wasn't my intention to sit w her and tell her how wonderful my oils are and have her agree only to hear that she decided to just go pick up some oils and start diffusing god knows what. This situation makes me realize again  how important it is  to get my point of quality across.  I want to share my knowledge with all my friends about why I love my Essential Oil's company. I know lots of people who love essentials. But, not everyone knows the basics or has spent as much time as I have comparing and reading about different brands and companies and the importance of good quality and why they are so good to use-when they are pure high quality oils.   I am an advo…