Hello friends, I'm so glad I put my Blog on Facebook for all to read. It makes me feel so secure and loved ;) 
 But, I figured after taking about a month to think about my blogs and my business, I had another friend go to the store and buy essential oils of a brand that I have no idea about. And that's fine but it wasn't my intention to sit w her and tell her how wonderful my oils are and have her agree only to hear that she decided to just go pick up some oils and start diffusing god knows what. This situation makes me realize again  how important it is  to get my point of quality across.  I want to share my knowledge with all my friends about why I love my Essential Oil's company. I know lots of people who love essentials. But, not everyone knows the basics or has spent as much time as I have comparing and reading about different brands and companies and the importance of good quality and why they are so good to use-when they are pure high quality oils.   I am an advocate of using oils safely and learning how and where to get the proper information and the proper products.
If I'm talking about Frankincense, I'm not just talking about any old Frank that you can get anywhere- I'm talking about the one I believe in enough to put on my face daily....the only company that grows their plants on of their own farms and make their own oils with top notch distillation. When you are working with essential oils, you want to know for sure that the quality is truly legitimately not tampered with-that's what can make them unsafe- is if they hve solvents in them or other harmful chemicals. Like fine vintage wine compared with boxed wine, quality is essential. We are working with highly concentrated plant based energy here that can assist us with respiratory irritations and keeping our immune system strong, our skin, nails and hair can even benefit from using essential oils, if it's high grade and not diluted or tampered with fillers.   The company I work with is no doubt the world leader in Essential oils and lifestyle products. They have a Seed To Seal TM  promise that no other company can make because it is so complicated to do. Young Living was founded in 1993. I first came across them in 1998. I fell in love instantly. Now they are the leader in the Industry and through network marketing and sharing with loved ones has made many people feel better about what they are putting in to their bodies and in the process many have done quite well financially.
I found a group in my community last year and am so glad that I got involved with them. I decided to take time to learn and decided to start showing up. It has changed my outlook on life. I'm serious.  I run in to a lot of people who say things like, I need to start using essential oils, or I am really interested but I just don't have the time, they're so expensive so I just buy the ones from the health food store and I would never put them on my skin....that's fine, but just hear me out.
I would never use any other brand of essential oils on my skin other than the one I use either. But, if you make time in the day to do a bit of research and start adding some oils in to your daily life, you may notice some phenomenal changes in your body, mind and spirit.  Talk to me. I love good communication and I certainly don't believe everything I read. Be careful.  We can all learn a little something by picking up a book or trying to learn something new everyday rather than just going in our own beliefs and not working on expanding your horizons. There is lots of information out there and so many people spent the time writing it. If we are just the least bit interested in the topic it's worth reading or watching what they may have to say about it.

One of my favorite Young Living leaders is Jen O'Sullivan. She is a French Aromatherapist and an author of four books, at least two which she just published this year! I watch all of her videos and follow her on FB. She is my educational guru because she just says it like it is. Her quest is getting education out to people who know or do not know anything about essential oils. The woman knows her shit. You will learn a great deal from her on how to use oils and what to use them for and safety and common sense information. She has tested numerous brands of oils and has basically given up looking for any better quality than the ones we use.  Her books are easy to find on her website and Amazon. Or just email me and I'll get the lists to you.

 In the past year I have been following some pretty amazing essential oils coaches. I 've even had exchanges with them and they are real! Everyone is out there not to just make a buck but to share the love of a beautiful thing that we can all have at our fingertips. My favorite leaders communicate with their followers and I know they don't mind me sharing their information. We are all trying to make a difference and truly believe there is a very good place to start right here.
I would suggest you have to go about it your way, definitely. But, I am here as an educator and a guide to give you plenty of plenty of resources through where to find your books and watch experts in this field. You will decide what works for you. You do not have to be an aromatherapist to know how to use essential oils and you can listen to on-line people. Find what you love and do it! It is true. I can hear half of my Gold  personality friends disagreeing with me now... But, you have to trust your sources and your product and know where it all comes from and that it was never stored in a plastic bottle for one!!!  Essential oils can be very helpful for men women and children and I don't have all the answers but I am learning what works for me and I truly can tell you I would love to share and see other people benefit as well.  It's very important that they are absolutely pure because they are so potent and if they are tarnished then that is just not good.  Please stand by for my post about Health Canada's Natural Health Products. It will come down the pipes soon.
Your health and lifestyle is a lifetime journey. I want to be the 70 year old Gramma in the yoga studio walking to tea -or better yet wine and nibblies with my friends in the afternoon. I want to be the smiley happy one- I don't want to get all twisted up in my brain and blame it on my getting old or worse the state of the world! I have friends in their 30's that already use that cliche blaming all their body aches and weight gain on "getting old." No! Oh!! Please don't say that- not even if you're 60! Don't make your brain think or believe that nonsense. It's time to be progressive and lead your own life every day and believe in your own healing qualities and your body's healing power.
What I can do is teach you the basics. The Why's and the How's and the Where to get started. ----Hang on you almost made it to the end...
If you can be mature enough to put on perfume and cologne and choose your own shampoo at the drug store then why do you think it's so difficult to select them on line? But, clean natural products that do not have all the man made chemicals added in to them.  As humans, we actually have to look at what we are doing to ourselves. What our organs have to deal with. our minds. I'm still working on myself. Don't even say it. I know. I'm a bit toxic. We all are. We can all work on this. It's huge. It's a big deal to get rid of the old fashioned dish soap the one that says will cut grease and soften your hands at the same time. I believe it but I haven't ditched it yet- cause it's cheap it's right there- I always forget to order it... I have ditched all my other soaps, cleaning products, my creams, lotions, antiperspirant. Started making my own or I buy natural and and some of them are through Young Living. I just add my own essential oils to them. It's fun!  Look around- it's time to start cutting back on what we are doing to ourselves on a daily basis. The food you eat....the detergents we use and put on our skin. Think about how you feel... How hard does your body feel like working today on what you do to it and are putting in to it?
I have now learned enough information about my oils to personally be able to sit down and have a good conversation about the benefits of Young Living products. I have resources like you wouldn't believe. When you become an "oily person," you can come across as annoying to some and that is a topic for another day- but really I don't care. I get together in small gatherings and if anyone is interested in coming to a little 101 with me please let me know. It's free. We have a local group called the Transformation Team in Cobourg, Ontario and every seminar is also FREE- the only time we pay to go to events is for DIY's to cover the cost of products. We just have to show up! or log on. There are so many ways.  Best part is, we are not really annoying. We are actually quite smart and here to evolve you into possibly helping your body feel better sometimes or daily. Your choice.
I'm in this for a lifetime- and that I know. I want to get together with my group and my own team discuss and make DIY's together or practice uses together. I am working with fabulous people who teach and support each other about what essential oils can do to help benefit many systems in our bodies. So I hope my friends who have already received their first kit or want some oils will look in to this and see that I am not just trying to make you all in to little alchemists but I would like you to know I would be so happy if just gave it a try. If you start trying some things out and start realizing how nice your skin is looking or how much more energy you seem to have, you may just change your mind and see that this is a really good thing. And of course if you are on the fence and really want to know more- and you want to get started then here it is. Here's your chance- If you order a starter kit it will come with a diffuser and you will be set up in a week.  Follow your favorite vloggers, bloggers, You tubers...Talk to me :) I look forward to hearing from you.
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